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Our TechStyleOS group combines the functions of data-driven marketing, technology, supply chain, fulfillment and customer service- all under one roof. Our integrated service builds and implements customized solutions that take advantage of digital technology, new markets and changing consumer trends.



Media and Acquisition

ROI Based Media Buying and Analytics

Our vertically integrated media production, buying and analytics teams are a critical part of our DNA. Driving creativity through media with a strong focus on return on investment is a unique differentiator that solidifies us as a 21st century fashion retailer.

Our world class media teams have developed expertise in television buying, social media, search, affiliate and content marketing. This expertise has allowed TechStyle Fashion Group to achieve 50-percent national awareness for brands such as Fabletics within just three years of launch.

Since our team operates completely in-house, we’re able to test creatives rapidly and gain immediate feedback on how to make improvements which leads to increased efficiency, and higher conversion rates.  This relentless focus on finding the best performing creatives leads to strong return on investment, evidenced by the acquisition of more than 5 million VIP members across all of our brands.


Global Technology

Global Technology Organization

At TechStyle, our global technology organization, or GTECH as we like to call it, collaborates with both our brands and TechStyleOS teams to:

  • Build cutting-edge, personalized customer experiences on our websites
  • Ensure seamless user journeys across web and retail experiences
  • Support efficient and scalable supply chains
  • Leverage visualized reporting to drive growth conversations and strategic decision making

GTECH consists of four  groups: Global Product, Engineering, Data Analytics and TechOps. Throughout the organization, we strive to imagine, innovate, and build amazing customer experiences and the technology to support them. While our work in GTECH is essential to the success of TechStyle as a whole, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and always put a strong emphasis on having fun!

Global Product and UI/UX: 

Our Global Product Group drives the customer experience, leveraging product strategy, design, and testing to ensure enjoyable, innovative, and seamless experiences for users.

Our Product Managers and User Interface and Experience teams work closely together with the Engineering team and  business stakeholders to innovate through technology ensuring we’re continuously at the cutting edge of digital shopping experiences.


Our Engineering Group designs, builds, and maintains the ecommerce technology that empowers personalized and seamless customer journey across front end, back end, and mobile experiences. Our engineers collaborate closely with our product teams to create innovative experiences that meet business needs. They build platforms and tools that make TechStyle a leading tech company in the fashion and apparel industry. Within our Engineering Group, our Global Applications team supports the core TechStyleOS teams to create efficient, scalable, and innovated processes across supply chain, retail and customer service, giving TechStyle a competitive edge.

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Data Analytics:

Our Data Analytics Group leverages data to make strategic business decisions, with teams focused on brand specific data, shared data or tooling, and data science. These teams own everything data related from cloud based warehouse architecture and performance to data science algorithm development and strategy-centric visualized reporting.

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Our Technology Operations Group includes IT, fulfillment, retail, privacy and security, and service desk operations who ensure optimal performance of related systems and functions.

The TechOps teams keep all of us at TechStyle afloat by ensuring our databases, websites, and other technologies that support employees, end users and customers are optimally performing.


Global Member Services

Global customer relationship management

Our Global Member Services team is defining a new relationship between customers and the brands they care about. Through proprietary systems and practices, GMS delivers relevant, personalized service that has become the standard of excellence in membership commerce.

Our over 1,000 GMS agents serve customers from around the world while supporting brand integrity and providing meaningful insights to our teams. Our agents manage interactions with customers through phone, chat and social platforms and provide our team with invaluable feedback by monitoring social sentiment and emerging trends.


Global Supply Chain

An innovative strategic weapon

Our Global Supply Chain organization understands that we live in an era of fast product cycles, global competition and heightened consumer expectations. Our teams focus on the most effective and efficient path to higher profitability while maintaining quality. From inbound and outbound logistics to social compliance to quality assurance, we build innovation into the entire manufacturing and delivery process.

With the expansion of our digital supply chain, our global organization leverages its unique technology to anticipate and serve our customer needs. The digital supply chain is an intelligent value driven network that supports new techniques and methods with data analytics to create value and revenue. It enables transparency, unlocks operational efficiencies, navigates interdependence and anticipates opportunities. With the use of predictive analytics in our digital supply chain, we can easily anticipate failure and customer needs, helping us to be a faster, more forward-thinking enterprise.


Global Fulfillment Centers

Deliver faster and more efficiently

Our global fulfillment team uses proprietary hardware, software and processes that get our customers what they want, when they want it.

Through the engineering of our fulfillment centers, TechStyle Fashion Group has built a nimble logistics infrastructure for the delivery of our products across multiple countries. We use the sophisticated tracking, shipping and return systems of our internally developed Evolve software suite to improve quality, engage our teams and delight customers. We constantly monitor business unit growth to stay flexible with changes to shipping capacity and inventory storage requirements across the network.


TechStyle Fashion Group has built its fulfillment center operations with predictive analytics, advanced tracking and proprietary mobile-device technologies. Every order from TechStyle Fashion Group websites funnels into our proprietary mobile warehouse-management system, which runs on iOS devices carried by all warehouse workers.

The TechStyle Fashion Group team’s ability to consistently deliver best-in-class services in a digitally disrupted industry depends on a mindset of continued evolution. We are committed to continue building and improving sophisticated tools that maximize revenue while delivering exceptional customer experiences.