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Membership Commerce

At TechStyle Fashion Group we are pioneering membership fashion commerce using technology and personalization, along with a new level of relationship between customer and brand that is revolutionizing the value exchange.

membership commerce

Why Membership?

A personalized fashion experience

TechStyle Fashion Group operates a flexible membership model across our brands to drive customer loyalty, as well as eliminate inefficiencies that most retailers face. Our 5.5 million VIP members love the flexible model because they receive savings of up to 50% off retail price on all products, as well as perks like free shipping and the monthly option to either buy, skip without charge or accrue a member credit that never expires. With the unique knowledge of our members’ personalized style and size preferences, we can predict inventory demand with 95% accuracy, allowing us to eliminate waste and not have to invest in reacquiring customers. This approach reduces our overhead as much as 50% compared to traditional retailers.

Savings generated by our unique model are then passed on to our VIP members, giving them high-quality, on-trend fashion that typically would retail for twice the price. Many of our competitors are required to markup merchandise to compensate for leftover product, while we are able to keep our prices low. Our membership model also drives industry-leading low return rates of only 6.5-8.5% across all brands.

Membership is not an obligation; it is a commitment between company and customer that brings exceptional value to both parties